Skill Sets

What are Skill Sets?

Skill sets are defined as single units of competency, or combinations of units of competency from an endorsed Training Package, which link to a licence or regulatory requirement, or defined industry need. 

Orangebird's Skill Set resources provide modern innovative and compliant Theory Workbooks and Assessment Tools that are designed to capture the attention and imagination of today's visual learners.

Skill Set resources are current, relevant and easy to read.

Skill Set resources are designed and created by RTO people for RTO people.

We provide you with:

  • Learner Workbooks
  • Activity Workbooks 
  • Marking and Mapping guides

Everything you need to deliver a great training program at your organisation.

    Why use Orangebird Skill Set Resources?

    Skill Set resources are delivered to you immediately via direct download  and a are fully customizable so you can easily add corporate branding or additional content specific to your organisation or audience