Be a Better Call Centre Operator

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Be a Better…

Call Centre Operator

Telephone skills are an extremely valuable tool to have in an operative's skill-set, and Call Centre Training will help provide those skills. This course will help your participants improve their telephone skills which will make them more self-assured, increase sales, and help gain new clients while retaining your current customers. A more confident operative is also one that is contented, and happier employees will produce happier customers.

The Be a Better Call Centre Operator Workshop will lower costs as it can reduce turnover. Participants will learn the skills to increase productivity and performance. This will produce a positive environment throughout your company and help influence the organisation as a whole. Evaluating metrics and coaching are also used to make sure the participants are reaching their potential, and to keep their skill-set at a high level.

Workshop Objectives:

  •  Define and understand call centre strategies.
  • Identify different kinds of buying motivations.
  • Create SMART Goals.
  • Familiarise myself with strategies that improve effective communication.
  • Use proper telephone etiquette.
  • Set benchmarks